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Emotional Intelligence in Business

We’ve heard people speak about it, we praise others who have it and we all know a guy who proudly boast of his possession of it. But what is Emotional Intelligence, and how can learning about it benefit your business? According to the book, Emotional Intelligence...

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The Benefit to Being Uncomfortable

In recent years, we have all become experts at adjusting to adversity. Considering the effects of the pandemic on family, on relationships, on travel and more, it has pushed us to revaluate our priorities. No exception spared in the area of business either. It has...

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With Challenges Come Unique Opportunities

Current economic and public health conditions may seem discouraging. Especially to someone who has been considering starting their own business. However, something else has become apparent throughout this pandemic, and that is that people are very adaptive and resilient. We have had amazing entrepreneurs take...

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Frequently Asked Questions – Part 1

ACTI has been providing the Self-Employment Program for over 25 years. As you can imagine, we have been asked a lot of questions during that time! This will be a two-part blog consisting of our most asked questions. We also welcome any suggestions from our...

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