Government-funded business training for new entrepreneurs!

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What's Your Dream?

“Life’s greatest risk is depending on others for your security.” – Denis Waitley

Most people start out as employees, and many will stay that way for their whole working life. But some find that they’re building someone else’s dream while they have dreams of their own. Or they learn that the loyalty they gave is not returned when they get laid off.    

Without warning, people can find themselves unemployed in a job market where they’re competing not just with people in town but with people around the globe. Meanwhile, employers are trying to save every penny through cutbacks, outsourcing and automation just to stay competitive.   

While some people try to find the “illusion of security” in another job, some decide it’s time to stop relying on an employer and learn how to start a business to create their own security. 

But then they hear the gloomy stats about how most new start-ups fail costing the business owner time, savings and self-confidence. 

There are many reasons why a new business fails but it often comes down to a lack of business training and coaching. People might think, “I’m a good graphic designer (carpenter, mechanic, bookkeeper, etc.) so I’ll start freelancing and if any business questions come up, I’ll just Google the answer! Or I’ll go to Chapters and get a book on entrepreneur training.” 

Google is great IF you know the right question to ask, IF you ask the question before making a costly mistake, and IF you know which of the seventeen answers to trust!

The odds of business success improve dramatically with the help of business training and personalized coaching from credible entrepreneurs. 

But most start-up owners are tight on cash and can’t invest in costly management consultants. And most are eager to get started now and can’t invest the time in a lengthy diploma program.

That’s where Anderson Career Training Institute (ACTI) comes in …


As the longest running Self Employment training program in Edmonton, ACTI has provided this government-funded business training to more than 1400 Albertans over a 23-year period helping them in their goal of starting and running their own business.   

A major reason for the success of this program is the training team of over 18 entrepreneurs and business specialists. This ensures that the 10 weeks of in-class training are practical, relevant, and thorough. 

Another reason is the 16-week mentoring phase where you receive personal coaching from an experienced entrepreneur as you take those crucial first steps in your business. 


The team at ACTI is proud to continue providing this program in partnership with and fully funded by the Government of Alberta with support from the Government of Canada. 

There is no cost to those who attend the program and you might be eligible for other financial support while in the program to help with your living costs.


About the Self-Employment Program

This program is for people who are unemployed, have never owned a business before, and are committed to starting their own business right now. There is NO COST for you to attend this program.

The program features 10 weeks of classroom training followed by 16 weeks of coaching and support as you get your business up and running.  

The classroom training is taught by experienced entrepreneurs and guest speakers who are experts in small business operations. The topics covered give you a solid foundation of knowledge to start your business.  

During the coaching phase, you'll begin setting up and operating your business and serving customers with the guidance of an experienced mentor.

This is the entrepreneur boot camp! The content is practical. The pace is serious. The guidance is tailored to you. The trainers have been "in the trenches" and they know what works in the real world. Although a lot of material is covered, smaller class sizes mean you get individualized attention and time to get your questions answered.

If there's a part of you thinking "maybe I could do this - maybe it's my  time," get the information BEFORE you make a decision. See if this program could impact your life like it has for over 1400 others before you. Click on the button on this page and come to a free orientation session.

Program Start Dates

The schedule is subject to change. Contact us to confirm the date as it draws near. Classes are scheduled to start on:

November 11, 2019 

January 13, 2020 

March 16, 2020 

May 18, 2020 

July 20, 2020

Got 3 minutes? Add to your business training with these Entrepreneur Success Tips! 

Program Eligibility

You must meet the following eligibility criteria set out by the Government of Alberta before you can join the Self Employment training program. You must:  

- Be unemployed (not working or working only sporadically)

- Be eligible to work in Canada 

- Be 18 years of age or older 

- Have a viable business concept for starting a new business or taking  over an existing business where you did not have prior ownership 

- Own at least 51% of the business, which will be located in Alberta 

- Have the capital or access to capital needed to start and operate the business 

- Have the personal attributes to be a successful entrepreneur (self‐motivated, persistent, willing to leave the comfort zone, organization skills, communication skills, etc.) 

- Have the skills & knowledge pertaining to the specific products & services of the business you'll be starting 

- NOT be receiving business training from a franchise company 

- If receiving EI benefits, they must be Regular benefits (i.e., not Medical, Maternity or Paternity).  

Get answers to all your questions about eligibility at a program Orientation Session.

If you decide to apply, the entire process will be completed at our west-end location. There is no need to go to government offices for forms or interviews.

Important Note!

If you are employed now, DO NOT quit your job before talking to us. Quitting a job without prior consultation WILL adversely affect your eligibility for this and other government-funded programs or benefits.