Emotional Intelligence in Business

Emotional Intelligence in Business

We’ve heard people speak about it, we praise others who have it and we all know a guy who proudly boast of his possession of it. But what is Emotional Intelligence, and how can learning about it benefit your business?

According to the book, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves, EI is greatly misunderstood in it’s relation to success. It discusses how popular belief links it directly to successful people who possess high levels of charisma. So why is it that brilliant and well-educated people everywhere, still struggle just like the rest of us?

Travis and Jean attribute this to a lack in emotional understanding (ours and other’s), and how it influences our lives every day. They outline four Emotional Quotients that, when worked on, specifically change the way we work with our clients -for the better.

  • Self awareness: “Knowing yourself as you really are.” (p.61)
  • Self Management: “Your ability to use awareness of your emotions to actively chose what you say and do.” (P. 97)
  • Social awareness: “Looking outward at other individuals or entire groups to recognize and understanding their moods and needs.” (P. 136)
  • Relationship management: Creating strong, lasting relationships by way of practicing and implementing the other EQ (emotional quotient) skills.


By embarking upon a journey to develop these, not only will you become more attractive to your target audience, but your view of them will transition as well. As a direct result, you will experience a strong sense of loyalty from your client base that signifies your impact in their lives as well.