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Our Entrepreneurship Vision

Hello. Thank you for reading our first blog. We at ACTI look forward to creating informative blogs about our organization, entrepreneurship, vision, industry trends and many more great topics! As this is our very first blog post, we deemed it only fitting that the topic be who we are, our vision and our why!

The vision of ACTI is to be the premier provider of training that empowers Albertans to achieve lasting financial independence though the business venture of their choice.

At ACTI we recognize that financial scarcity and scarcity thinking are significant sources of stress, interpersonal tension, and physical suffering in modern society. While employment can provide immediate financial support, it can also be unreliable and deliver a heavy emotional burden in the long term. Continually thinking about “making ends meet” on a fixed income while also trying to set something aside for the future can cause people to feel overwhelmed and fearful thinking that just one layoff or adverse event could leave them financially starting over from scratch or worse. While self-employment is not always easy, it is a vehicle which, if done properly, can lead to true financial independence.

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In the last 25 years, over 1,500 aspiring entrepreneurs took the leap to business ownership through our Self-Employment Program. Many students come to us with great skills and ideas that they are passionate about yet are unsure what actions to take to turn it into a viable business. At ACTI we provide them with comprehensive and practical education, clarity, guidance, and confidence that allows them to take those next steps. Our students also become part of a network of likeminded entrepreneurs who support each other and utilize each other’s knowledge and expertise.

We encourage our graduates to engage in the ACTI community and keep in touch long after they finish the program. We welcome visits to the office to chat about business success, challenges, life in general or pets! It brings us great joy to hear of student successes and many impressive local businesses have been created by ACTI graduates. We are honored to be part of their journey in realizing their goals of successful business ownership.

Covid-19 has brought many challenges and changed the way many of us do business. With this however, some have recognized opportunities through adaptability and realization of a need for a product or service that wasn’t in demand prior to the pandemic. We find our students to be incredibly resilient, and we also learn a lot from them during their time with us.

As the world recovers from this long pandemic our communities are becoming vibrant once again. One of the major factors driving that vibrancy is the local businesses within those communities. It is an honour to assist people who start these businesses to realize their potential and dream.

We at ACTI hope to continue to inspire people to take the leap of faith into entrepreneurship, provide them with the training and knowledge necessary and to hear their amazing success stories down the road!

  • Paul Anderson
    Posted at 11:40h, 23 August

    Thanks for sharing this Cheryl! I truly believe that entrepreneurship is the best way to earn lasting financial independence.

    • ACTI
      Posted at 11:25h, 24 August

      Thank you, Paul. I completely agree!

  • Carolyn Scissons
    Posted at 10:49h, 28 August

    Very exciting to see the new ACTI blog and such a good point that self-employment can really help transform our province into a vibrant community.

    • ACTI
      Posted at 22:55h, 01 September

      Thank you so much, Carolyn!